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Cakesnap is automated social media marketing tool. That utilizes Artificial Intelligence to market to your biggest fans and get you the most influence.


Engage With Your Fans

Ozwick is the best way to engage with your fans on a more personal level. Ozwick lets you reward your fans in real time with personal gifts 

Redpoint Financial Tool

Our methods of self financing gives us the ability to do things right…
Redpoint Financial Augmented Intelligence utilizes cutting edge artificial intelligence research and real time market data to allow market traders an easy to visualize understanding of market fluctuations prior to their occurrences. The current model combines approaches in Bayesian statistics and genetic structuring to make time series predictions, allowing it's human operators time to plan around information previously unknown. The current model has been tested using S&P 500 stock data, and has allowed us gains including doubling a test fund within the first twelve trading days.

Spread Sheet Optimizer

Have a messy spread sheet? We can help with our spread sheet optimizer tool, we can take your data and optimize it and make your data work for you. Recent customers have saved up to eleven man weeks, with our A.I custom software.

Toxicology Tool

With our toxicology A.I tool diagnosing dangerous chemical ingestion has never been easier.


We took the 6,017 CDC top dangerous chemicals and analyzed them to help you find out what chemicals are effecting someone in need.